Individual Substance Abuse Therapy at Sunrise Detox Toms River

There are patients who prefer to share about themselves in a more personal approach to their therapy than a group setting. The Sunrise Detox Toms River facility offers both types of treatments for our patients. Individual therapy is a proven method to help overcome Substance Use Disorder. A cause for continued drug or alcohol use may be habit-forming behaviors that can be identified and managed during therapy. Substance use disorders can make it difficult for a person to detach from addiction, but the sustained therapeutic treatment of Sunrise Detox Toms River has an overwhelming success with Individual Therapy in order to achieve long-term recovery for our clients. The focus of individual therapy is to help clients navigate through the circumstances their addiction may have caused before going into treatment.

Addiction Therapy

The overwhelming success of Individual Therapy has given Sunrise Detox the ability to work with patients to achieve a successful recovery. Substance use disorder can make it difficult to detach a patient from addiction properly. With a sustained form of treatment, patients are sure to achieve a successful recovery. The primary focus of individual therapy is to help clients move through situations their addictions may have caused before seeking treatment. 

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Individual Therapy Focus Areas

Panic Attacks

These are disabling thoughts of doom and despair that can happen to anyone and may show up as addiction withdrawal symptoms. Individual therapy helps by giving you tried and true methods to manage and overcome panic attacks and accomplish a successful recovery.


Depression is the most overlooked mental health illness and can have different outward symptoms that make it difficult to diagnose and treat. If left untreated, depression can lead to suicidal or homicidal thoughts and death. It is also linked to addiction withdrawal symptoms. With detection and individual therapy treatment, depression can be treated and the individual can continue to a successful recovery and a change in lifestyle much more rewarding than before.

Emotional Support

Emotional support from family and friends is a key element of a full recovery process to avoid relapses and deteriorating relationship issues. Individual therapy offers a non-judgmental, understanding atmosphere for a person to learn to trust, and manage issues they previously thought they couldn’t.


The constant worry about one’s present situation causes anxiety. Individual therapy helps a person manage, control, and ultimately avoid anxiety by using stimulating positive actions when faced with dangerous or uncertain situations. 

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Individual Treatment

Sunrise Detox Toms River facility focuses on helping people recover from substance use disorders (SUD), alcohol and drug addiction, and other co-occurring mental health disorders associated with addiction. If you or anyone you know needs help with addiction treatment, call Sunrise Detox Toms River immediately, and our professional medical staff will be happy to help.

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