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Family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors of a person struggling with alcohol, drug, or other addictions, sometimes have to interfere and try to stop the decline of someone whose life is spinning out of control. This interference is essentially a confrontation with the person in order to get them to improve the quality of their life. This is an intervention, and it can be a successful step in getting someone to willingly accept treatment.

An intervention involves a structured discussion with the goal to get a person suffering from addiction to understand the harm they are causing themselves and those who love them and who will support their efforts to turn their lives around.

Sunrise Detox Toms River offers intervention services guided by trained and knowledgeable clinicians who can help carry out a smooth discussion process with positive results. During this meeting, an interventionist will explain to the person how their destructive behavior has affected their family and friends, and each member of the intervention group may speak of specific instances that indicate there is a need for addiction treatment.

There are people who feel that an addict should “hit rock bottom” and learn on their own, but the reality is that many addicts have underlying mental illnesses that incapacitate logical reasoning and this co-occurring condition can keep a person locked in addiction. A successful drug and alcohol intervention is the first step to get help for a loved one who may not be able to understand on their own that they need help. Studies have shown that professional intervention carried out correctly has over 90% success rate in getting a person into an addiction treatment program. For an intervention to have the most chances of success, all close family members must put aside differences and come together to help a loved, but lost member of their family unit. The interventionists of the Toms River Sunrise Detox are not just professionally accredited and trained; they are also excellent communicators, compassionate, and skilled at bringing families together to help one of their own.


Consequences of Not Intervening

Family Issues

Families who can’t come to terms or can’t handle a loved one’s addiction, often, unwittingly, make matters worse, leading to relapses and continued use, and additional family problems. This leads to further alienation of a person who genuinely needs help, the loss of connection with their children or parents, the loss of a job, loss of a marriage, and many other necessities for mental wellbeing.

Loss of Job

Addiction interferes with work performance in a job or career and can lead to losing the ability to make a living. Someone in active addiction will find it difficult to keep up with the responsibilities of a steady job.

Loss of Life

Interventions are never easy, but they may be the only way to save the life of a loved one in addiction. Addiction is powerful and deadly. Contact Toms River Sunrise Detox for the services of a professional intervention that will help encourage a loved one to seek treatment and receive the help they need to reach a better, more productive and healthier life.

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Toms River Sunrise Detox is committed to helping people recover from substance use disorder (SUD), alcoholism, and co-occurring disorders. If you or anyone you know needs treatment for addiction, please contact Sunrise Detox now, and our professional medical staff will be ready to assist you.

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The goal of the Toms River Sunrise Detox intervention services is to help bring together families committed to helping a loved one recover from substance use disorder (SUD), alcoholism, and co-occurring disorders. If you or anyone you know can benefit from our intervention services, contact Sunrise Detox in Toms River now, and one of our professional medical staff will be ready to assist.