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Guiding You And Your Family Members Throughout Detox

 Sunrise Detox Toms River realizes how alcohol and drug use affects all family members. We also understand that these challenges can continue even once someone close to you begins treatment for addiction. We work hard to supply life-changing detox services and information for Toms River area families and guide them in discovering how to encourage a loved one in their time of need.

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Intervention Services At Sunrise Detox Toms River

When you and other family members and friends are concerned about a loved one with drug or alcohol use addiction, you may try to arrange an intervention. When this is done, key people in your loved one’s life explain how substance use negatively affects all others near them. You will also need to communicate the ramifications if they do not go through detox and rehab.

When performed properly, interventions will encourage the member of your family to get help. Sunrise Detox Toms River helps you plan and execute fruitful interventions under the guidance of expert interventionists. You are better off using experienced interventionists who will aid you in designing a proper plan of action and drive the discussion with the individual requiring assistance. And if they agree to commence treatment, you are able to call us to reserve a spot at our detox facility quickly or help you find other appropriate care.

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What Families Ought To Know About Alcohol And Drug Detox At Sunrise

Sunrise Detox Toms River knows our residents have individuals who love them and wish for them to receive the highest level of support at our residential treatment center near Toms River. This is one of the reasons why we individualize our services to your loved one’s issues and are transparent about what you can expect from us.

Our residents do best if they have the chance to direct their attention solely on detoxing away from exterior forces. We also make the confidentiality of patients a foremost concern. Due to these reasons, we prohibit guests at our location. However, your loved one will have the chance to use the phone with staff permission, and we also communicate with you routinely.

Following the admission process, we get permission to reach out to the family to speak about family relationships and how they impact and are influenced by alcohol or substance use. After that, we place daily phone calls to every individual’s emergency contact to provide details on how things are going and to provide answers to questions you might have. Throughout your loved one’s stay, our expert nurses and clinicians offer personalized treatments and maintain their comfort with modern accommodations and chef-made meals.

How We Help You With A Loved One Undergoing Detox

When our staff talks to an emergency contact about the individual in our care, we also discuss how you are able to provide support after they leave us. We include you in their aftercare strategy and give you recommendations for allowing them to get further therapy. We’ll also talk about how your family may deal with the challenges of having a person you care about in detox and drug and alcohol use recovery. We know that individuals at our facility have a greater chance of success if they have plenty of help from family, and we will help you determine how to aid them.

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Tips In Supporting A Family Member In Substance Use Recovery

In most circumstances it’s difficult to know how to help someone recovering from substance use. Here are a few tips for friends and family:

    • Educate yourself on substance use and the rehabilitation process
    • Communicate with them often and practice active listening
    • Develop healthy communication methods
    • Respect their boundaries
    • Lend a hand in finding treatment when they’re OK to move forward
    • Arrange a ride to a detox facility
    • Don’t judge, criticize, or blame
    • Go to family therapy together

Explore Help For A Member Of Your Family Today

If you or a loved one is looking for assistance finding detox services near Toms River, our team is ready to guide you. Call 732-504-3527 or fill out the form below for a no-cost, personal consultation. We reply promptly, no matter the time or day.