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Sunrise Detox FAQs For Toms River

Sunrise Detox Toms River is a residential drug and alcohol detox facility. Our medically supervised inpatient detox treatments are an essential beginning of your addiction recovery. You can learn more about our detox facility and policies in our alcohol and drug detox FAQs for Toms River. And if you still have questions, call us anytime for prompt assistance. We are here 24/7 to serve you.

Sunrise Detox Toms River serves you with medically guided detoxification from drugs and alcohol. What this means is that you become a resident of our residential facility while staff attends to you round the clock. They monitor your condition and dispense approved medicines to prevent hazardous withdrawal symptoms and control discomfort.
We also offer therapy and peer support groups so you are able to address your substance use triggers and work with you to craft an aftercare blueprint to help you continue toward enduring sobriety once your detox is complete.
Sunrise Detox only admits patients age 18 and up.
Sunrise Detox Toms River makes our resident accommodations as comfortable as possible. You’ll live in one of our cozy, fully furnished rooms with a full, private bathroom and a television. Your room is shared with only one other person. Private accomodations are available by request. Individual and group therapy is provided within a peaceful surrounding. When you are ready, you can watch television or play games in our lounge or take a break on the open-air patio. We even supply chef-cooked snacks and meals.
Prepare like you might for a week on the road. Even though we offer you many everyday items, you ought to take things like:
  • Clothes
  • Personal hygiene supplies
  • Hair essentials
  • Your own music player
  • Reading materials
  • Prescription medications
  • Money for the vending machine
Yes, you may bring your mobile phone. But you should know, our support team will place it in a protected area once you are admitted. When you have a desire to see your messages or respond to an important call, you can ask a staff member for your device or to place a call with our patient phone booth.
We authorize the use of women’s and men’s razors, but we will hold them for you.Just speak with a staff member to get access to it.
We appreciate the vital emotional support animals provide and we will permit them. Please let our admissions team know prior to your arrival if you are bringing a support or service animal. You will need to show signed and authorized certification for the animal during intake.
Your safety is our primary objective. If you don’t have a family member or friend who can take you to our Toms River facility, we are happy to arrange a lift from your home or the airport. Contact us day or night to see how we may assist you in getting here.
During admissions, we will complete a extensive medical evaluation to gain an understanding of what kinds of substances you have taken and how you can safely begin treatment. You’ll sign required paperwork for who to contact in case of emergencies and information for family members. Then we’ll take possession of any restricted materials in your bags before getting you settled into your quarters.
We know how critical family support is over the course of your substance use recovery. However, our treatments work best if you have space and time away from outside forces to focus on detox and recovery. For this reason, we prohibit family visitation. However, you are free to chat with those who care about you over our resident phone. We will also keep your loved ones and designated contact person informed of your progress.
Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. To act in accordance with federal law and regulations, we maintain the confidentiality of all patient documentation. We are required to not communicate to anyone outside the program that you are at our facility, and we are bound not to supply any documentation classifying you as having a substance use disorder unless you authorize with written consent. You will be provided with a printout of our confidentiality policy at the admissions phase.
We personalize your medical treatment to your unique requirements formulated upon your medical appraisal and the types of substances you have in your system. Our healthcare professionals are proficient at timing treatment to steer clear of unwanted side effects. They can also assist you in managing your own prescription medications and dispense supplemental medicine to mitigate withdrawal symptoms as required.
We work with most commercial insurance policies. When you reach out to us to secure a place at our location, we will take your insurance particulars and validate it with your insurer. We are unable to take Medicare/Medicaid currently.
Yes, we can still admit you if you don’t have an insurance policy. At the admissions phase, we can explore affordable self-payment options.
We won’t send you home without a strategy for further care set up. Our objective is to get you stabilized with detox so you’re prepared to start other addiction rehabilitation treatments as you work towards lasting sobriety. Prior to your departure, we may help you contact a residential rehab facility or a range of outpatient care options.

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